We were so pleased with the outstanding service provided by Jennifer and her team at Organized Transitions. They humanized our downsizing; always understanding, efficient and very professional. We appreciated the transparency and the open contact throughout the process. There were never any unexpected surprises. We can’t say enough about this team of amazing young women.
S. Grondin
The daunting prospect of creating an estate sale and purging unwanted items was significantly reduced thanks to the professional assistance provided by Jennifer Smith of Organized Transitions. The process was quick and very effective with virtually every item removed or sold in a timely manner. The stress and anxiety of dealing with family items was handled with care and understanding resulting in a positive outcome for all. We can’t imagine trying to accomplish this task on our own, and are extremely grateful for Jennifer’s professional services and personal attention.
R. Craig
I am a live-in residential building superintendent in a Condominium in Oakville. Recently I found myself in the unexpected position of becoming both jobless and homeless without warning. After the initial shock, I knew I couldn’t possibly look after the packing and moving, as well as look for a job and find another place to live all at once. I started looking online for Organizers who specialize in relocation services, and came across Organized Transitions. The name says it all. I spoke to Jennifer and despite my very “frazzled” state, she remained very calm and assured me that she could help me. The following Monday morning, as promised, she was at my door to inspect my 2-bedroom suite. She did not bat en eye and assured me that this could be packed up in a day. I was skeptical, but she sounded very confident. On packing day, she arrived with one helper and all the packing supplies necessary. The two of them boxed my entire household THAT DAY and, they were both very pleasant, very cooperative and most helpful indeed! I was a ball of nerves, but nothing phased Jennifer. She had also fully organized movers, a storage container, and even had a separate truck on standby in case I may come up with an address to go to come move day. Jennifer knew exactly what items to leave behind until moving day for my convenience, such as shower supplies, bedding, etc… and she took care of packing those on move day morning. I did not have to lift a finger! I even had to leave during the move to attend a job interview, and Jennifer was there until the move was completed. She took care of cleaning up and locking up my empty suite. She paid the movers (excellent choice of movers too! They were great!) on my behalf and left my keys with a neighbor. Afterward, Jennifer e-mailed me a breakdown of all storage costs, a complete inventory of everything that went in there, and she even made a trip to see me a few days later to hand me the keys to the storage bin and to collect her final payment. No stress. VERY CONVENIENT. And worth every penny indeed! I just don’t know what I would have done without her and I absolutely recommend her. She knows what she’s doing.
M. Sirois
Jennifer Smith came highly recommended to us. We were not disappointed! Moving my father from a 3-bedroom condo apt., to just one room in a Retirement residence was an onerous task. Jennifer was very amiable, understanding and sensitive to my father’s needs. His move was accomplished most efficiently and my dad is delighted. In addition to this, Jennifer then had to pack up/clean out the condo. Throughout this process, Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and willing to tackle any task. She was readily available and flexible. She carried out this part of the job so extremely capably and worked well with all family members involved. Jennifer maintained such a positive demeanour throughout this endeavour. Anyone would be fortunate to make use of her services.
C. Pyke
Jennifer and her team at Organized Transitions went way above and beyond in helping my mom move from her home of 35 years into her new apartment. Every little detail at every point throughout the move was carefully and thoughtfully organized. Jennifer is a hard-working, exceptionally organized and deeply compassionate professional. The genuine kindness and patience she demonstrated toward my mom, really made a difficult move not only possible, but easy. Thank you so much Jennifer. I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team at Organized Transitions.
P. Galaczy
Jennifer Smith and Organized Transitions came highly recommended to me, and I was not disappointed. Jenn is very personable, professional, and efficient, looking after all my needs as I was downsizing. From the sorting, packing, unpacking, handling an online auction, and arranging the movers she did a marvellous job. Best of all, the day of the move, she said “Go and enjoy your day,” when I arrived at my new address everything was moved in and set up, absolutely no stress!
J. Husband
I was so pleased that when I moved from a 3 bedroom condo to a one room unit in a retirement home, I would be fortunate enough to engage in the services of Jennifer Smith of Organized Transitions. In all stages of the move, her qualities shone clearly: her care and concern in packing, her capability in effecting the move into new quarters, her courtesy and consideration in working with my family to clear the condo, her compassion in ensuring my comfort and freedom from work about details and her presentation of a reasonable contract for settlement. I could not have imagined getting better service.
L. Hewitt
I hired Jennifer to take care of my move from my 3 bedroom townhouse to a 1 room apartment at a retirement community. Unfortunately I got ill and was hospitalized shortly after hiring Jennifer. My house had sold and I had to move but I could not help with anything. Jennifer took care of absolutely EVERYTHING!!! She helped me decide on a floor plan, sold all the furniture that would not fit, organized all the details of cancelling my phone/cable etc. , moved everything I wanted, unpacked it all, and cleaned my old home for the new owners. It was spotless! When I got out of the hospital, I walked into my apartment and I could not believe my eyes: it was perfect. The TV was working, there were fresh flowers on my table and my bed was ready to crawl into. Can’t begin to thank you enough. I will be telling all my friends about you and what a dear you are.
L. Bannister
Jennifer has specialized in relocating families and especially seniors for the past 4 years and her experience becomes obvious very quickly. She took over the management problems including downsizing, organizing, packing, cataloguing etc. with skill and understanding. She has also helped resolve a difficult problem with the change over of telephone companies even though this was not in her terms of reference. Jennifer is an extremely capable person in her field and we wish her the best in her future endeavours.
M & J Fleiszer
Dear Jennifer, I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me. Your organization skills, your compassion and efficiency made all the difficulties of moving flow with ease. Every last detail was handled with care and the whole process was completely stress free. You were an absolute god send, I could not have done it without you. Organized Transitions made it simple!!
A. Vaneesteren
Jennifer, My brothers and I are so happy that our mom’s move went so smoothly. We were so relieved to find you, as you were exactly what we were looking for. I had no idea there were companies out there that did this!! After meeting you I was so comfortable and confident in your abilities and I was able to hand everything over to you. Thank you for planning, organizing the move, packing/unpacking the homes, and arranging for all the accounts to be transferred – my mom could not believe how easy the entire process was. Wish you the best and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends!!
D. Montgomery
You have done a wonderful job Jennifer, decluttering, cleaning inside and out (the garden looks as tidy as if a pro has been out there). Looks fantastic!!! House shows so well, I may want to buy it myself!
M. Holmes
Dear Jennifer, When my mother passed away last summer, it was a very difficult and sad time in my life. I did not know where to begin with all the paperwork, not to mention a 2 bedroom condominium full of her furnishings and all the things that were dear to her. I was so overwhelmed with everything, my phone call to you was the best thing I could have done. Your kind and compassionate approach was so comforting, you came in and just organized everything and I was able to think clearly again.
G. Gott

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