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Too much stuff? It's Simple... Let's sell it!

When it comes time to make some space in your existing home or preparing to downsize to a smaller home, there are always items that will not fit in your new space or things you are just ready to part with. We can help you decide what to keep and what to sell, as well as manage the overall process to sell these belongings while taking care of absolutely every little detail. Our clients are always amazed at what can be sold in our auctions… we can sell anything from a bottle of Windex to a car. This simple, transparent process is respectful of you and your home and can often be completed in two weeks.

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Complimentary Consultation

We always start by getting to know our clients. By offering a complimentary in-home consultation, we can discuss your needs in order to develop a plan that best suits your schedule and budget.


Sort & Organize

We will carefully and respectfully organize the contents of your home and place them in designated areas for moving, selling, recycling or disposing.


Photograph & Catalog

Once the sorting is complete and we have determined which items are designated to be sold, items are grouped and organized into appropriate auction lots. The next step is to photograph and catalog each lot. We then upload all the photographs and catalog descriptions to an online auction platform to be sold.


Pick-Up Day

Pick-up day is when all the items sold in your online auction will be picked up by winning bidders. Our team will manage and oversee the entire process, ensuring items are removed respectfully and carefully from your home. This pick-up window depends on the size of the auction, but typically they are about 3-4 hours in length.


Donate, Recycle & Dispose

When the auction is over, we will handle the removal of any remaining items by donating, recycling or properly disposing of them.


Cleaning of The Home

Last but not least, we’ll make sure the home is sparkling inside and out.

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