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Organized Transitions Downsizing and Relocation Service is designed to alleviate you of the time consuming and overwhelming task of a move or relocation. The process of sorting, organizing, packing, unpacking and the relocation to your new home can often become much more complex than you may have first thought. Organized Transitions will reduce your stress and make the move to your new home as seamless as possible. From clearing the clutter, sorting, packing, organizing, unpacking and arranging your new home- it can be a lot for most people. After all it’s something that you don’t do every day- we’re happy to say that we do.

Complimentary Consultation

We always start by getting to know our clients. By offering a Complimentary in home consultation, we can discuss your needs in order to develop a plan that best suits your schedule and budget.

Create Floor Plan

We will measure and discuss what furniture you love and together we will create a floor plan to ensure your favourite pieces will fit comfortably.

Sort and Organize

We will sort and organize everything in the home and ensure they are either set aside and placed in designated areas for moving, selling, shipping, recycling or disposing.

Pack, Label and Inventory

We will bring all packing supplies and carefully pack, label and keep an inventory of everything that is moving or heading to storage.

Co-ordinate Movers

We work with some great movers. We will co-ordinate and manage it all.

Transfer of Utilities

We will make a list of all your current utility companies and contact them to have your account either closed or transferred to your new home.

Unpack and Setup New Residence

We will unpack and set up your new home. At the end of the day, your bed will be made, pictures hung, kitchen and bathroom all set to go. Even your TV, phone, stereo and internet will be set up.

Auction Setup and Sale

Once you are all settled in your new home, we will return to your former home to set up and prepare for the auction. We will coordinate all aspects of the sale.

Donate, Recycle and Dispose

When the auction is over we will take care of any items left unsold by donating, recycling or disposing of them.

Arrange For Repairs

If there are any repairs that need to be taken care of we will co-ordinate and manage it all.

Cleaning of The Home

Last but not least, we’ll make sure the home is cleaned inside and out.


Jennifer Smith came highly recommended to us. We were not disappointed! Moving my father from a 3-bedroom condo apt., to just one room in a Retirement residence was an onerous task. Jennifer was very amiable, understanding and sensitive to my father's needs. His move was accomplished most efficiently and my dad is delighted. In addition to this, Jennifer then had to pack up/clean out the condo. Throughout this process, Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and willing to tackle any task. She was readily available and flexible. She carried out this part of the job so extremely capably and worked well with all family members involved. Jennifer maintained such a positive demeanour throughout this endeavour. Anyone would be fortunate to make use of her services.

C. Pyke

Jennifer and her team at Organized Transitions went way above and beyond in helping my mom move from her home of 35 years into her new apartment. Every little detail at every point throughout the move was carefully and thoughtfully organized. Jennifer is a hard-working, exceptionally organized and deeply compassionate professional. The genuine kindness and patience she demonstrated toward my mom, really made a difficult move not only possible, but easy. Thank you so much Jennifer. I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team at Organized Transitions

P. Galaczy

The daunting prospect of creating an estate sale and purging unwanted items was significantly reduced thanks to the professional assistance provided by Jennifer Smith of Organized Transitions. The process was quick and very effective with virtually every item removed or sold in a timely manner. The stress and anxiety of dealing with family items was handled with care and understanding resulting in a positive outcome for all. We can't imagine trying to accomplish this task on our own, and are extremely grateful for Jennifer's professional services and personal attention.

R. Craig

You have done a wonderful job Jennifer, decluttering, cleaning inside and out (the garden looks as tidy as if a pro has been out there). Looks fantastic!!! House shows so well, I may want to buy it myself!

M. Homes

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